About Us

About Cal Coast Fishing – Tame Your Fishing Tackle

Cal Coast Fishing specializes in creating and manufacturing effective and practical fishing products for all types of fishermen. All of Cal Coast Fishing’s tackle products are designed by fishermen for fishermen to deliver simply tackle-related solutions to everyday problems encountered while fishing. Our mission is simple: Cal Coast Fishing aims to design and manufacture easy-to-use fishing products and fishing tackle that improve each customer’s fishing experience.

Quality Products, Quality Customer Service

In addition to creating innovative fishing tackle products, Cal Coast Fishing also provides the ultimate experience in customer relations. Cal Coast Fishing’s exceptional products are mirrored by even better customer service. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you ever have questions, comments, suggestions, or even just to share your overall experience with our products and/or customer service. We are here to service each customer – to help each customer improve his/her fishing experiences. We also want to thank you for visiting Cal Coast Fishing and for shopping with us.