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Cal Coast Fishing manufactures elite fishing tackle, terminal tackle, and terminal tackle management systems.  Below you will find our innovative fishing products and we encourage you to try our fishing tackle products ... They will change how you approach tournament bass fishing or any other type of fishing.  Many hours of testing and thoroughly inspecting each product have helped Cal Coast Fishing develop the ultimate tackle management products and terminal tackle products, and our goal is to help bass anglers and all fishermen tame their tackle effectively, so shop on our fishing tackle shop to access the best fishing products in the market.


I love my bait sacks!! They are without a doubt the best and easiest to use lure protector on the market. My treble hooks on my cranks no longer get caught in the line of the rod it’s next to on the deck either!!

Dallas Uhls

As a professional tournament fisherman, I’m always looking for ways to limit wasting time while fishing. One of our biggest problems is tackle and rod organization. Over the years, I’ve wasted countless hours and money because of poor tackle management. The Bait Sack was the answer to my problems, no more time wasted untangling rods and lures! From the weekend warrior to the hard core tournament fisherman, the Bait Sack gives you something that no other product can… More Time To Fish! I save time being able to reach into my rod locker and pull out whatever I need without having to spend 20 minutes untangling rods or cutting baits off because they have wrapped around everything in sight. I highly recommend the Bait Sack for any type of fishing, this is a product that truly works!

David W.

Been fishing from the Kayak for over 15 years, this product has eliminated the dangers/struggles of fishing with treble hooks from the yak… No more cuts, tangles or getting stuck on other gear/clothing. The one handed squeeze top makes it very easy to use while sitting in a kayak and having limited mobility or dealing with tricky ocean/weather conditions.

Thanks Cal Coast For making a great product that has been needed for years!


Man this is the greatest thing since pockets on shirts! No more hooks in rod sleeves!! No more hooks tangled up with other hooks! Best of all no more a-rig tangled up with everything!!The simple and easy operation, of “The Bait Sack” makes this a tournament anglers dream!

Jody Hughes